The 10 Year Wait is Over! Shrapps will soon be online!

San Jose, California

According to credible sources, the limited edition Shrapps comic strip will soon appear online.

Nah! How about this: Man finally stops procrastinating by promising to publish his comic strip called Shrapps online–in the very near future. Shrapps comic strips were created in 2006, but never shared with the general public until now. Or at least not until some time in the┬ánear future. Probably before another decade just flies by. Definitely before another decade goes by!

Maybe. But maybe some people need to know that Shrapps does not live in our physical world. He resides in an imaginary place called BambooV. Oh yeah, Shrapps will be actually writing on the same blog that publishes his decade-old series. What? You’re saying a comic strip character named Shrapps will be writing a blog in the near future? Yes.